Star Wars Facts – 36 Interesting Facts About Star Wars

Interesting Facts About Star Wars

Toro left the film after George cut off most of Darth Maul’s dialogue and in the final movie was limited to just three lines.

Ewan McGregor made light saber noises as he dueled and was corrected in post production.

The senate featured aliens which was a mixture of characters created by both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and was named Grebleips which is “Spielberg” spelled backwards.

‘Attack of the Clones’ was created on a plot which was based on real life fascism. In the Clones the Senate gives unlimited powers to the Supreme Chancellor including powers to go for war against the separatists. It was chillingly similar to the happenings in the 1930’s when Hitler obtained sweeping powers and pushed the world to WWII.

‘Attack of the Clones’ was the only flick of the Star Wars franchisee which was commercially unsuccessful. It earned $302 million at the box office but was overtaken by Spider-Man and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

With the advance of technology, the films made later had a completely different appearance and sophistication. The entire clone trooper in “Revenge…” was computer generated.

The second series of Star Wars faced obstacles because of its anti union ways. Gary Oldman had agreed to lend his voice to General Grievous but pulled out later because the film starred actors who were not a part of the Screen Actors Guild, of which Oldman is a member.

The latest edition of Star Wars will be delayed because Harrison Ford who was playing the role of Han Solo, injured his ankle.

The only actor to appear in all the 8 Star Wars films is Anthony Daniels who lent his voice for C3P0 and climbed into the tin suit

Empire was also the first film in which a number was played with the opening credits.