Statue of Liberty Facts – Interesting Facts About Statue of Liberty

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Interesting Facts About Statue of Liberty

Due to the exposure of salt water to the metal of the Statue of Liberty it became a Giant Battery. This is called the Galvanic Corrosion.

The part of the Statue of Liberty Island belongs to New Jersey especially the underwater section.

The picture of the Statue of Liberty on Postal stamp is taken from Las Vegas replica not from the origin.

The sculpture of the Statue of Liberty is imitated from the Muslim peasant woman dressed in traditional Islamic look.

The Statue of Liberty’s torch bearing arm was first displayed for public viewing in 1876 at Centennial, Philadelphia and in 1882 at Madison Square Park.

Bedloe’s Island is the original name for Island of the Statue of Liberty.

It was in 1886 France has given the Statue of Liberty to America has a gesture.

On the Statue of Liberty torch and tablet the date of American Declaration of Independence is written i.e. July IV MDCCLXXVI (July 4th 1776)

The Statue of Liberty will be celebrating her 130th birthday in October 2016.

The statue of Liberty measures around 93 meters with a weight of 203 metric tons.