Statue of Liberty Facts – Interesting Facts About Statue of Liberty

Fun Facts About Statue of Liberty

There are 354 stairs to reach the crown of the Statue of Liberty.

The reason it looks a bit greenish is due to oxidation because the Statue of Liberty body is made up of iron and then it is covered with copper.

The inner meaning for the formation of this gigantic structure is bringing everyone together.

There are totally 25 windows just around the crown itself.

The people of France has given the Statue of Liberty to show their gratitude for winning the American Revolution beside them.

By presenting the Statue of Liberty to America, the people of France showed them the freedom and the end of slavery. Just like Thanksgiving.

The Statue of Liberty became the symbol for immigrated people, who first visit to America through New York Bay.

A combined combination of contributors from French and American’s, raised around 102,000$ to built the Statue of Liberty.

The Small size replica’s of the Statue of Liberty represent at Paris and Las Vegas.

In 1956 the name of the Island was changed to Liberty Island.