Statue of Liberty Facts – Interesting Facts About Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Facts

During the year 1886 the Statue of Liberty is the tallest iron structure ever been built.

The Statue of Liberty is known for the World Heritage Site.

The Statue of Liberty drift to 3 inches and the torch shift up to 5 inches due to 48mph wind speed.

Certain Party Leagues from Boston and Philadelphia tried to inherit the Statue of Liberty.

On the 10$ bill there will be two images representing the Statue of Liberty.

Only through Ferry we can reach the Liberty Island to speculate the Statue of Liberty.Because Private Boats and cruises are restricted around the Liberty Island bay.

From New Jersey the Liberty Island is far closer than New York.

During the WWI in 1916 the Statue of liberty was damaged due to an explosion occurred around it and even closed for viewing.

The Statue of Liberty is the most enlisted destination spot in the world.

The head of the Statue is purposely off centered by two feet before merging it with the body.