Statue of Liberty Facts – Interesting Facts About Statue of Liberty

Amazing Facts About Statue of Liberty

During the journey to America, the French ship Isere carrying the copper pieces of the statue of liberty was almost sunk due to the worst weather conditions.

After the 9/11 incident it has been prohibited to pass through the crown of the Statue but only selected visitors will be allowed.

The Statue of Liberty is been closed for public viewing due to Hurricane Sandy disaster. And again it’s been reopened in 2nd of July 2013.

2000,000 spectators were gathered around on the harbors of Manhattan on June 17th 1885, just to get the glimpse of the Statue of Liberty which was carried on the French ship, Isere.

The French delivered the Statue of Liberty with 350 pieces packed in 214 boxes.

The Feminist’s held the inaugural ceremony for the Statue of Liberty in a nearby harbor because women were restricted entering the Bedloe’s Island i.e. Liberty Island.

During the WWII in 1944 the Statue of Liberty celebrated the victory for Europeans by flashing the lights from her crown “dot-dot-dot-dash” which translates into letter “V” in Morse code i.e. Victory in Europe.

At the feet of the statue of Liberty has a broken chain of shackles to show the freedom from Oppression and Tyranny.

The Statue of Liberty’s height from pedestal foundation to the edge of the torch is 360 feet and 6 inches.

The Statue of Liberty’s height from feet to the crown is 111 feet and 6 inches.