Statue of Liberty Facts – Interesting Facts About Statue of Liberty

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Statue of Liberty Facts

The Statue of Liberty weight is 225 tons i.e. 450,000 pounds.

The Statue of Liberty face is more than 8 feet tall.

On October 28th 1886 the Statue of Liberty celebrated the first official dedication ceremony.

In 1960 the Statue of Liberty was painted by Andy Warhol for his pop art series worth around $35M.

The sonnet poem of Emma Lazarus on Statue of Liberty called “The New Colossus” is carved on the Bronze plaque and kept on the pedestal of the statue.

To create the Statue of Liberty’s copper Structure, they used 300 various type of hammers.

From the ground level to the pedestal level it has 192 stairs and from the pedestal to reach the crown it has 354 stairs.

The Construction for the Statue of Liberty is started in the year 1875 at France.

The Statue of Liberty is been built to Honor Union victory over the civil war in Unites States.

Miniature Models of Statue of Liberty were sold before the completion of the Statue.