Texas Facts – 90 Fascinating Facts About Texas

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Fun Facts About Texas

The first Texas revolution took place at Goliad on October 9, 1835.

The first declaration of Texas Independence was signed in Goliad on December 20, 1835 and hoisted the first flag of independence.

The world’s largest circus collection is at the Herzberg Circus Museum, located in San Antonio, Texas.

Austin in Texas is called as the live music capital of the world.

Texas declared its secession from the U.S. and joined the confederates in early 1861, in the American Civil War.

The central Texas is considered as the south Silicon Valley and Texas is the home place for Dell and Compaq computers.

Texas has many professional sports team such as Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Houston Astros, Houston Comets, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs and Texas Rangers.

Pure imperial cane sugar is still being used in Dr Pepper which was invented in Waco in 1885.

The Waco Bridge is the first suspension bridge built in the United States and now it is used as Pedestrian Crossing Bridge over the Brazos River.

The flag of Texas is called the Lone Star Flag and has three colors symbolizing red for courage, white for liberty and blue for loyalty.