Texas Facts – 90 Fascinating Facts About Texas

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Texas History Facts

The first president and first governor of Texas is Sam Houston (1793-1863).

In the 19th century the letters G.T.T stands for Gone to Texas and many people used these letters to let their families know that they are heading Texas to escape the law.

Famous snack foods are Frito pie, peanuts in Dr Pepper, Beef Jerky and Jalapenos and Corn dogs.

About 100 camels were imported to Texas during 1850’s for the purpose of Indian wars.

Texas has more than 70,000 miles of highway roads.

The Dallas, T.V series was dubbed in 67 different languages and was broadcasted in 90 different countries.

The highest temperature in Texas was 120 degree F recorded on August 12th, 1936 in Seymour and on February 8th, 1933, the lowest temperature in Texas, -23 degree F was recorded in Seminole and at Tulia in 1899.

The mother of Texas is Jane Long because of her bravery and it is believed that she gave birth to the “first white child” in Texas.

Miriam A Ferguson was the first female governor of Texas and the second woman elected governor in the United States, after Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming.

The Texas State bird is the Mockingbird.