Texas Facts – 90 Fascinating Facts About Texas

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Texas Facts

The Texas State Tree is Pecan Tree.

Lamesa, Texas is the Birthplace for chicken fried steak.

The world’s second largest reserved oil is at the Spraberry/Wolfcamp Shale in Permian basin, Texas.

Texas has the highest Crop farming Lands in United States with 130,500 Acres of Farmland.

Over the past 10 years Texas has eliminated 1,572 square miles of Farmlands, Prairies and woodlands.

Unites States least popular County is Loving County in Texas with just 82 residents.

One of the world’s oldest skeleton is found in Texas and it is 9,500 years old.

The oldest human habitation is at the Buttermilk Complex in Salado, Texas and it is 15,500 years old.

The Texas state official dish is Chili.

The world’s 75% of snickers bar is made at M&M/Mars Plant in Waco, Texas.