Titanic Facts: Interesting Facts About the Titanic

Facts About Titanic

Titanic, 882 feet 9 inches (269.1 meters) long, at the time the World’s largest man made moving object. Today, MS Allure of the Seas is largest passenger vessel afloat, at 1,187 feet (362 meters) long.

Liverpool was Titanic’s home port (her Port of Registry), however her loss at sea meant that she never visited the city. Southampton was the port she was intended to sail to from.

Although Titanic initially sailed from Belfast (where she was built) to Southampton, her maiden voyage is considered to have begun in Southampton.

There was a coal strike at the time of the maiden voyage of Titanic, and so coal for Titanic had to be scavenged from other company ships.

There were 2,223 people aboard Titanic, 1324 passengers and 908 crew.

The Titanic, like her sister ship Olympic, had not been fitted with any form of public address system.

The last supper served to the first class passengers consisted of eleven courses.

A music book containing 352 songs was given to first class passengers. Musicians on board were required to known them all, in case requests were made.

The iceberg was around 100 feet tall and came from a glacier in Greenland.

The Titanic movie budget was actually higher than the Titanic itself