Toilet Facts – 90 Surprising Facts About Toilets

toilet facts

Toilet facts: Interesting facts about toilets. The word “toilet” may evoke a feeling of disgust in many. However, they are one of the undeniable necessities of life. People don’t like to talk about toilets in general and it is not considered a common topic to discuss, but without toilets life is unimaginable. They form an essential part of anyone’s life, so let’s discuss a few toilet paper facts and toilet facts.

Toilet Facts

20% of the people don’t wash their hands after going to toilet. And of those who do, only 30% use hand wash.

Urinary flow is easier and stronger when a women squat to urinate. The bladder is emptied completely while squatting than any other sitting position.

Men take more time in the toilet than women.

Around 90% of the medicine taken is excreted through urine; the sewer systems in cities across the world contain high doses of drugs.

British public toilets were voted the worst in the world in a 1992 survey.

An average expectancy of a toilet is 50 years.

An average toilet will use more water over the time, due to pressure inside the tank, corrosion of factory parts etc.

Toothbrushes that are kept within 6 feet of a toilet are covered in airborne bacteria from flushing.

It is illegal to not flush a toilet in Singapore. You will be find $150 if you fail to flush and police officers have been known to check.

Germs move ahead up to 6 feet from a flushing toilet. Every time toilet is flushed germs are air lifted and can cause infection. Therefore it is advised to move out quickly once you flush the toilet.