Toilet Facts – 90 Surprising Facts About Toilets

Facts About Toilets

Toilet paper was taxed in 1996 when President Clinton passed a law on toilet paper, taxing 6 cents each roll and increasing the price of the products to 30 cents per roll.

An average person spends about 3 months of his lifetime in toilet.

World Toilet Day is celebrated on 19 November.

There are 18 times more bacteria on mobile phones than bacteria.

40,000 people in the U.S. are injured in toilets each year.

Computer keywords can carry over 200 times as many bacteria as a toilet seat.

We visit the toilet more than 2,500 times in a year.

Nearly 1 billion people defecate in open.

In Taiwan there is a toilet themed restaurant where food is served on miniature toilets.

Toilet paper was invented in China in the 6th Century.

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