Toilet Facts – 90 Surprising Facts About Toilets

Funny Toilet Facts

The more features your phone has, the longer you sit in the toilet.

Dinosaurs have known to use the world’s oldest toilet some 240 million years ago.

By flushing the toilet once per day, nearly 2,190 gallons of water per person can be saved.

There are more TVs than toilets in Afghanistan.

Over 7 million people have dropped their mobile in toilet in the U.S.

Urea can kill fungi and bacteria.

1 in 3 people don’t have access to basic sanitation facilities, such as toilets.

The first toilet cubicle in the row in a public restroom is the cleanest of all.

One may be prone to kidney and bladder diseases if they suppress their urination.

Babies on an average change their nappy 10,000 times before they learn to use bathroom themselves.