Tornado Facts – Interesting Facts About Tornadoes

Fun Facts About Tornado

A tornado usually has a diameter of only 25 to 50 yards.

Tornado comes from a Spanish word “tornada”, which means “thunderstorm.”

Multiple tornadoes produced from the same storm cell are called as “tornado family.”

Tornadoes can have a wide range of colors, depending on the environment in which they are formed.

Tornadoes move swiftly and are destructive in nature. They can destroy buildings and carry heavy objects hundreds of meters.

Tornadoes rotate in clockwise direction in the southern hemisphere and anti-clockwise direction in northern hemisphere.

Not all tornados are visible, but often the high speed winds and rapid rotation forms a visible funnel of condensed water.

The strength of tornadoes is measured using the Fujita Scale, it ranges from F0 to F5 where F0 tornados cause minimal damage and F5 tornados cause massive damage.

Most tornadoes have wind speeds that are less than 100 miles per hour or 161 km per hour.

Massive tornadoes can reach wind speed of over 300 miles per hour or 483 km per hour.