Tsunami Facts – 45 Engrossing Facts About Tsunami

Facts About Tsunamis

If you are swept by tsunami, don’t try to swim, instead grab onto something that floats and flow by the current.

Intensity of tsunami waves is too low in deep oceans.

Tsunami can be caused by earthquake, landslide or volcanic eruption underwater.

Tsunamis can travel at speeds of about 500 miles per hour; it is almost as fast as a jet plane.

Hawaii gets about 1 tsunami per year and one severe one every 7 years.

Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, California and Washington are the U.S. states that are a greatest risk for tsunamis.

The long wavelength of a tsunami allows it to maintain its strength as it move towards the shore.

As the Tsunami reaches the shore it slows down but gains in energy and height.

Tsunami is a not a big wave, but it is a series of waves called wave train.

The earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004 is the most powerful earthquake that has occurred till date.