Unbelievable Facts That Are Actually True

These facts may sound unbelievable and crazy but they are true. There are many things which you may think are false but they are true. So you just have to accept facts as fact.

Unimaginable Facts You Never Knew

Kids who are good liars have better working memories than those that have trouble telling a convincing lie.

New self-filling water bottle harvests drinking water from the air.

It takes 1/5th of a second to fall in love, study says.

Tarantula hawk, American wasps with sting so painful, one peer-reviewed journal advises anyone who gets stung to lie down and scream to avoid further injury.

The Pitohui is a rare bird whose feathers and skin produce a toxin only found elsewhere on poison dart frogs. Just being in the vicinity of the bird can cause numbness to paralysis, leading to death.

Elephants are the only species of mammals other than humans to have recognized death ritual. They bury their dead and will revisit old graves.

There is a parasitic flatworm that causes frogs to grow a second set of hind legs.

The Singing Ringing Tree is a musical sculpture in Lancashire, England. It is made of galvanized steel pipes that produce a discordant choral sound that simultaneously resonates a range of several octaves whenever the wind blows through.

Dogs instinctively circle around before they sit down because their ancestors sis that to pat down grass, and scare away any bugs that might be where they want to sleep.

The difference between the hardwood and softwood has to do with its seeds, and has nothing to do with how hard or soft the wood is.