Useless Facts That Will Melt Your Mind

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular suicide destination in the world.

Elephants use the skin folds on their backs to crush mosquitoes.

You are less likely to experience a nightmare when sharing your bed with someone you trust.

The pupil of the eye expands as much as 45% when you look at someone you love.

Being able to instantly respond with sarcasm within seconds of a stupid question is a sign of healthy brain.

The squares on tubes mean something: green means all natural, red means some natural, but most chemical, black means only chemicals are used.

Anxiety can make you clean more obsessively. Studies show that in times of stress or uncertainty people sometimes turn to repetitive behaviors, like cleaning or nail biting, because it creates a sense of control.

“The Subway” at Zion National park in Utah is so named for its tube like slot canyon. Its less than ¼ mile long, but you have to hike 9.5 miles in 7-12 hours to get through it.

The mimic octopus impersonates sea snakes, sole fish and other poisonous creatures to ward off predators. It even knows which animal represents the greatest threat to nearby predators and mimics at least 9 different species.

June 28th National Milk Chocolate Day. We currently eat more cocoa than the world can produce, and its been estimated that in 20 years chocolate will be as expensive and rare as caviar.