Venus Facts – Interesting Facts About Venus

Interesting Facts About Venus

Venus day is longer than the year. Where it takes 225 days to orbit the sun, and 243 days to orbit around its axis.

Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.

Venus has the densest atmosphere of the four terrestrial planets.

Venus and Uranus are the only planets in the solar system that rotates from East to West.

Venus overtakes Earth every 548 days as it orbits the sun. When it happens it changes from the “Evening Star”, visible after sunset, to the “Morning Star,” visible before sunrise.

Venus being the brightest point in the sky, it was misreported as U.F.O.

Venus atmosphere had 96.5 percent carbon dioxide, 3.5 percent nitrogen and other gases, mostly sulfur dioxide.

Venus has slightest axial tilt which is less than 3 degrees.

It is believed that once Venus had large bodies of water on its surface, like those on Earth, which dried up about 300 million years ago as the sun began emitting greater amounts of solar energy.

Venus is visible with naked eye like the other 5 planets Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.