Venus Facts – Interesting Facts About Venus

Venus Facts for Kids

Venus has an iron core about 1,200 miles or 3,000 km in radius.

Though Venus has the core iron content like Earth, it has no magnetic field because it rotates too slowly to generate the type of magnetic field that Earth has.

Venus has super fast speeds travelling at 450 miles per hour or 724kph in its middle cloud layer.

Venus was first discovered by Babylonian astronomer in the 17th Century BC.

Ancient Romans called Venus Lucifer and Vesper, and believed that Venus is two different planets like the Greeks.

United Stated first probe to Venus, called Mariner 1, has suffered launch failure.

Venus is almost spherical in shape.

The first person to look at Venus through telescope was Galileo Galilei.

Because of dense atmosphere, one can see their back of their head. It is believed that due to dense atmosphere light bends in circle causing this rare phenomenon.

Venus has no protection against cosmic radiation as it lacks ozone layer.