Vietnam War Facts – 47 Interesting Facts About Vietnam War

Facts About the Vietnam War

There were around 500,000 fighters in support of North Vietnam and the South Vietnam force along with its allies had an approximate force of 1,830,000 in 1968.

Total number of causalities of this war was more than 3 million people that included army as well as civilians. There were more than 58,000 deaths in the US troops only.

The conflict began during 1954 when the North Vietnamese started helping the Viet Cong to fight against the Vietnamese troops.

The average age of American soldiers who died during the war was just above 23 years of age. There were more than 11000 personnel who were killed during the war and were below the age of 20!

On New Year Viet Cong made a surprise attack on major cities like the Saigon and took control over most of the important buildings.

The Tet offense began on January 30, 1968.

US military also killed about 711 Viet Cong soldiers and captured more 488 soldiers during Operation Cedar Falls.

During Operation cedar Falls US army destroyed the Iron triangle tunnel.