Vietnam War Facts – 47 Interesting Facts About Vietnam War

Facts About Vietnam War

This operation continued till 1968 October and about 8 million tons bombs were dropped during this operation.

During the Operation rolling thunder US aircraft bombed over Northern Vietnam forces for lowering the pressure on South Vietnam.

On March 2, 1965 America started Operation Rolling Thunder.

In response to the massive anti-war movements with the country US President Nixon started reducing the troops by 1969.

Most of the American public was against the war and hence there were mass protest against America active participation in the War.

The War was costly in terms of money too. It cost only US an amount of $111 billion on the war.

In order to take control over the war US spread a herbicide known as Agent Orange over large areas of forest. It not only affected the army but also more than 5,000,000 children were born with defect.

There are multiple start dates that confirm the reasons for America joining the war.

In Vietnam War the rifle M-14 was replaced by M-16 by the Commander of US forces in Vietnam. However, this rifle actually sucked and military often preferred AK-47 over anything else.

On return to Gulf of Tonkin the US embassy passed the Gulf of Tonkin resolution that allowed US to deploy their troops at Vietnam.