Volcano Facts – Amazing Facts About Volcanoes

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Facts About Volcanoes

The volcano is derived from a Roman name ‘Vulcan’ which is the Roman god of fire.

Volcanoes are found at the meeting points of tectonic plates. These plates are pieces of Earth’s surface that are fit together like a puzzle.

Volcanoes are also found over mantle plumes, these are super hot areas of rock inside Earth.

One in 20 or 350 million people live within the danger area of active volcano.

20 miles around the volcano is considered as danger area.

Volcanoes can be classified as active, dormant or extinct based on the amount of volcanic activity that is happening.

If regular volcanic activity is observed it is termed as active, dormant means that there is no recent activity but there are chances of eruption, and extinct meaning that it’s quite long since it has last erupted and hence unlikely to erupt again.

Magma is the hot liquid rock that is inside a volcano. It is termed as lava once it erupts from the volcano.

Volcanic ash consists of pulverized rock and it can be harsh, gritty, glassy, acidic and smelly. Ash can cause damage to the lungs of older people, people with respiratory problems and babies.

Volcanoes are found on ocean floor, under ice capes and on land.