Volcano Facts – Amazing Facts About Volcanoes

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Volcano Facts

In 1986, Lake Nyos, a volcanic lake in Cameroon, Africa released 1.2 cubic km of carbon dioxide in 20 seconds killing 1,746 people.

Volcano surfing, a sport was invented in 2004 at Cerro Negro, Nicaragua.

The world’s largest underwater volcano is Tamu Massif.

About 80% of volcanic eruptions on Earth occur underwater.

There are ice volcanoes which can be found on some moons of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

Mount Etna is the oldest volcano on Earth; it is about 350,000 years old.

The tallest mountain in Japan is Mount Fuji and is also a dormant volcano.

Sharks are observed to swim around in the hot, acidic, gas filled waters near the Kavachi underwater volcano, Solomon Islands.

The volcanic explosive index measures the strength and the size of the eruptions. It ranges from 1 to 8.

In Iceland and other volcanic areas, heat from volcanoes is used to run plants.