Volcano Facts – Amazing Facts About Volcanoes

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Interesting Volcano Facts

The most active volcanoes in US are located in Alaska, Hawaii, California, Washington, and Oregon.

A continually erupting volcano is forming a new Japanese island. The tiny volcanic island of Nishinoshima erupted in 2013, and the cooled lava formed a small islet that emerged with a neighboring island. It continues to grow because the volcano erupts 5 to 6 times per minute.

Miyake-jima is a Japanese island that is constantly threatened by an active volcano. People there are required to carry gas masks all the times so that they can put them if the sulfur levels get high.

The Europe flight was delayed in 2010 because of Icelandic eruption. Eyjafallokull volcano erupted for 6 weeks halting everything.

There are three types of eruptions, magmatic eruptions, phreatic eruption and phreatomagmatic eruptions.

Magmatic eruption is caused by decompression of gas within magma.

Phreatic eruption is caused by the heat from magma creating superheated steam.

Phreatomagmatic eruptions driven by the compression of gas within magma.