Wolf Facts – 70 Uncanny Facts About Wolfs

Gray Wolf Facts

Wolves can reach the speed of 35 mph for short periods of time. Often they move at the speed of 5 mph.

A fully grown wolf has 42 teeth in the mouth.

Wolves have a well developed sense of smell. They can smell other animals more than 1 mile away.

Wolves are found moving around during the day in winter. The rest of the year they are nocturnal.

Female wolves give birth to a litter of about 6 pups.

Wolves have been found to be living in more places in the world than any other mammals except humans.

Wolves belong to the group of wild dogs which includes domestic dogs, dingo and coyote.

An average wolf weighs around 40 kg.

Arctic wolfs have to travel longer distances than wolves in the forest to find food.

Wolves have two layers of fur, undercoat and a top coat.