Wolf Facts – 70 Uncanny Facts About Wolfs

Interesting Facts About Wolves

Ireland was called “wolf land” in 1600, because it had so many wolves.

There are 3 species of wolves: grey wolf, red wolf, and the Abyssinian wolf.

In 1500, England’s last wolf was killed. In 1770 Ireland’s and in 1772 Denmark’s last wolf was killed.

The Japanese word for wolf means “great god”.

There is hierarchy in each pack. The highest position is held by the alpha male and female, who is the breeding pair, followed by a lower group consisting of non-breeding adults, each with its own ranking, a group of outcast, and young wolves.

Individual wolves in a pack have their own roles. The alpha male and female are the oldest members of the pack and one with most experienced in hunting, and other activities.

Young wolves are called pubs.

There are 5 species of grey wolves in North America.

There are 38 subspecies of gray wolf.

Wolf’s color can be white, black and gray.