World War 2 Facts – Mysterious Facts about World War II

World War Two facts

The Nazi’s build their first concentration and extermination camp before the WW2 started. The camp name is called Dachau.

During WWII Battle of Stalingrad, Russian Red Army lost more soldiers than the U.S. Army lost in the entire war, but yet they won the war.

During WWII, the only South American country to send 25,000 soldiers is Brazil.

During WWII, U.S and New Zealand tested Tectonic weapons i.e. Tsunami bombs to destroy coastal places by creating destructive tsunamis, this operation is called Project Seal.

During WWII, the Japanese Kamikaze pilot’s destroyed 1 out of 9 targets.

During WWII, British developed a new type of radar technology that helped pilots shoot down German enemy plane at night. To keep the secret they said carrots were behind the pilot’s success.

Before WWII, the first country to oppose and protest on German occupied Austria in 1938 is Mexico.

During WWII and WWI, Spain was neutral as they lost 500,000 people during the civil war (1936-1939).

20% of Poland’s population died during WWII, the highest percentage of any nation.

During WWII, more Americans died at Alaska by the Japanese when compared to Pearl Harbor.