Zebra Facts – 100 Engrossing Facts About Zebras

Zebras Facts

Zebras communicate through different vocal expressions like sniffing and barking.

Zebras have only one toe on each foot.

Zebra’s have white coats with black stripes on them. However, they have a black skin under their coats.

Mountain Zebra has horizontal stripes on his legs and vertical stripes on the neck and torso.

The pack or group of zebras is known as Zeal or Dazzle or Harem.

Grevy’s zebras were used by the Romans for circus acts to pull two wheeled carts.

The zebras were called as horse tiger or tiger horse in the Roman circuses.

Zebras are social animals and live in groups called harems.

Zebras are 3.5 to 5 feet tall.

Grevy’s zebras are also called as Imperial zebras.