Zebra Facts – 100 Engrossing Facts About Zebras

Fun Facts About Zebras

There are four species of zebras, but the fourth species, the Quagga, became extinct 100 years ago.

Zebras can run at the speeds of 30 to 40 mph.

Zebras cannot see orange color.

Zebras, horse and donkey are closely related and belong to the same Equidae family.

The Black and white zebra stripes are associated with harmony in certain cultures.

Male zebra is called a stallion and female zebra is known as mare.

Each harem is led by a stallion, who controls the females are their foals in the group. They have a hierarchy system, and each female has a place in the hierarchy.

A harem is made of 1 male and up to 6 female and their young.

Zebras bark or whinny loudly when they spot a predator, to warn others in the group.

Zebras usually travel up to 1,800 miles in search of food.