Zebra Facts – 100 Engrossing Facts About Zebras

Grevy Zebra Facts

When compared to other zebras, the grevy’s zebras have a very short neck and have a white colored stomach.

The Grevy’s zebras have normal narrow stripes in the front and stretches towards the back of the body.

Out of all 3 species of zebras, the Grevy’s zebras are bigger in size.

The height of the grevy’s zebra will be 4 feet to 5.3 feet tall.

Once the baby foal zebra is born, it can run for up to one hour at a stretch.

Zebras groups will join herds of up to 1000 individuals, but the basic family groups in the herd stay together.

Zebra foul begin to change its color from brown strips to black after 4 months.

By the age of three a female zebra can have a first foal and after every twelve months can give birth to another young one.

Zebras are similar to horses; they walk, trot and gallop but cannot move as quickly as horses.

The cross breed of a donkey and a zebra is called zonkey.