Olympics Facts – 55 Interesting Facts About Olympics

olympics facts

Olympic Facts – 55 Interesting facts about Olympics. These are some of the lesser known facts about the Olympics which continue to be the benchmark of all sporting events. Despite all the tribulations, war, famine and extreme prejudices, the Olympic spirit continues to inspire future generations of athletes and spreads hope of peace and prosperity for mankind. Let’s explore more facts about Olympics.

Olympics Facts

The Modern day Olympics was a successor to Ancient Olympics which was held in ancient Greece in the sanctuary of Zeus in Olympia in Greece, every four years.

There are many myths about the start of the Olympics. One such myth is that it was started by Zeus himself to celebrate his victory over his father to rule the world.

Another myth says that Greek warrior Pelops defeated King Oenomaus in a chariot race to marry Oenomaus’s daughter Hippodamia, and he started the games to celebrate his victory.

The first recoded Olympic winner was Koroibos of Elis, traditionally dated to 776 B.C.

The first Olympics had an annual foot race for young women and the winner became the priestess of the goddess, Hera.

The second race was to select the winner for the consort of the priestess who will help in carrying out the religious tradition at the temple.

Over a period of time more events were added which included chariot racing, boxing, wrestling and the pentathlon.

The Games slowly lost its importance as the Greek Empire started declining and the power of Rome increased

The games declined by 4 th century AD and in emperor Theodosius I legally abolished the games in 393 or 394 A.D. In an effort to make Christianity the official religion of the region Roman Emperor Theodosius I in 394AD banned the “Pagan” sporting festival which he considered heresy and inappropriate.

The Modern Day Olympics is considered as the benchmark of sporting excellence and more than 200 nations participate in the games which are held every four years.

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