Harriet Tubman Facts – 36 Interesting Facts About Harriet Tubman

Fun Facts About Harriet Tubman

In the ensuing 10 years she ferried out her parents, siblings, relatives and friends for a total of around 300 slaves in 19 trips.

She carried out her missions during winter when the nights are long and the chances of being spotted were less. She preferred to carry out her missions on Saturday morning because the runaway notices were published on Monday morning giving time for the escaped slaves to make good their escape to freedom.

She always carried a handgun and encouraged the slaves never to get disheartened and loose hope. Harriett and her escaped slaves were never captured. She also helped to recruit supporters for the John Brown Harper’s Ferry Raid.

She was nicknamed “General Tubman” by John Brown.

She was an expert in disguise and often dressed up like a male, old lady, middle class free African American.

In one of her trip she was ferrying out Ennals family which included an infant. He had to be drugged to keep quiet.

In trying times of Civil War when she was paid $200 over a period of three years, she supplemented her income by selling pies.

It took more than 34 years before she could get a veteran’s pension.

She worked as a nurse and cook in the American Civil War. She had deep knowledge about medicinal plants and this helped her treat soldiers. She was also the first woman to lead an assault in the Civil War and distinguished herself in the Combahee River Raid which set free 700 slaves.

At the ripe old age of 59 years she married Nelson Davis who was 22 years younger to her. They also adopted a girl named Girtie and worked together for the next 22 years. Nelson suffered with Tuberculosis and therefore was not able to work for long hours.

She was an avowed nature lover and had a garden in her backyard and also raised chicken and pigs.