Psychology Facts – 61 Interesting Facts About Psychology

Interesting Facts About Psychology

Saying Thank You, makes people think you are a warmer person.

People who refuse to depend on others have experienced the most disappointment earlier in their lives.

People are more honest when they are tires, and hence people confess things, during late night conversation.

Listening music at high volume, makes the person calmer, relaxed and happier.

You can rewire your brain to be happy by recalling 3 things you are grateful for every day for 21 days.

80% of the talks in groups are all about complaining.

Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can ever use them against you.

70% of the people who like to keep things to themselves do so, to avoid being judged by others.

It’s very healthy to be alone sometimes. You need to know how to be alone and not defined by another person.

People that are really close can read each others mind.