Solar Energy Facts – 50 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

Solar Energy Facts

Earth receives 174 Petawatts of solar radiation in upper atmosphere. About 30% is reflected back to space and land, clouds and oceans observe the rest.

Water cycle is the result of solar insolation. The oceans, landmasses absorb heat and their temperature increases, the warn air rises high and clouds are created thus causing rain.

Solar panels were first introduced to the market in 1956.

California dominates the solar power market, with a market share of 44% in the year 2015.

Solar energy is used by plants to prepare their food by a process known as photosynthesis.

Earth receives nearly 1,366 watts of solar radiation per square meter.

Green houses are used to convert light into heat and encourage the cultivation of crops throughout the year.

Solar panels produce direct current electricity, it flows in only 1 direction.

Solar energy heat is converted to electricity using the solar panels, for myriad number of uses, starting from cooking to running satellites in space.

Solar energy is free of pollution and has no environmental effects like non-renewable energy.