Facts about Italy that will amaze anyone

facts about italy

Italy facts: Facts about Italy that will blow your mind.  Italy is the 4th most populous European Union member state. Italy has the highest life expectancy in the EU, due to very high Human Development Index or HDI. Explore Italy a bit closely by going through remaining facts.

Italy facts

Italy surrounds two of the world’s smallest countries, San Marino and Vatican City.

Italy has the most number of volcanoes than any other country in Europe.

Italians suffer more earthquakes than any other Europeans.

In Italy, a man can be arrested for wearing a skirt in public.

Italian currency was known as lira, before they have adopted euro in 2001.

Rome has hundreds of fountains, with the oldest being the Trevi Fountain.

Drawing with crayons on pavements was criminally equal to beggary and is punished.

Italy is the second world’s largest producer of wine after France.

Most unmarried children live with their parents.

The Italians do not apologize if they felt that they were not at fault. Repentance is best left to confession.


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