World War 1 Facts – Unknown Facts about World War 1

Interesting Facts about World War I

During WWI, skin grafting was first introduced and implemented on injured soldiers by Doctor Harold Gillies.

After WWI, Russia became the World’s first communist state known as The Union of The Soviet Socialist.

After WWI five nations became independent countries i.e. Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

After WWI, the Allies extended their gratitude to Syria, Jordon, Iraq and Palestine by calling them mandates of League of Nations. Syria comes under France and Jordon, Iraq and Palestine comes under British.

During WWI, British spent six million Euros per day on war and at the end of war estimated 9,000 million Euros were spent.

In WWI, the Dogfight in air is introduced by fighting jet pilots as the pilot used to off the engines of their planes to prevent from overload stalling and again started the engines it sounded like barking dog.

During WWI, the Defence of the Realm Act, 1914 was introduced giving wide ranging powers to government and laid restrictions including stop talking in foreign languages over phone, getting cab at night and pubs closes at 10 pm.

During WWI, the British officer Edward Harrison invented practical Gas masks.

During WWI, the British had 87,000 horses, when the horses’ died they were melted for fat, and later used to make explosives.

The famous WWI poster features Lord Kitchener pointing his finger to the quote “Your Country Needs You” was killed in a ship that was struck by a German mine.

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