World War 1 Facts – Unknown Facts about World War 1

World War I facts

In WWI total U.S soldiers engaged in Battle War Fields were 4,734,991.

In WWI total U.S soldiers that lost their lives are 53,402.

Out of 5 German soldiers 4 were killed in Eastern front in WWI.

Originally, Tanks are known as Land ships, when British wanted to disguise them as water tanks they started to use code name Tanks.

In WWI, the best fighter pilot of Germany is Rittmeister Von Richtofen, who shot down 80 planes.

In WWI, the best fighter pilot of U.S is Rene Fonk, who shot down 75 Planes.

In WWI, the best fighter pilot of British is Edward Mannock, who shot down 61 planes.

During WWI, the congress of U.S passed the Selective Service Act or draft to increase the size of U.S. Army in May 1917. 2.7 million Men were drafted and 1.3 million volunteered by the end of the war.

During WWI, the U.S Food Administrator encouraged over 20 million to plant their personal gardens also known as “Victory Garden” and the food consumption of U.S dropped to 15%.

In WWI, the Germans 48 ton Howitzer called as big bertha was capable of firing 2,050 lb of shell to a distance of 9.3 miles. It required 200 men for six or more hours to assemble it.

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