World War 1 Facts – Unknown Facts about World War 1

WWI facts

After WWI thousands of soldiers face was damaged, they wore masks and remained in hospital homes for rest of their life.

In WWI, the submarines made a huge impact on the Military base winning.

In WWI, the Western Front trenches were dug to 25,000 miles that stretches from English Channel to Switzerland.

In WWI, 6,596 German u-boats sunk.

During WWI, the German Trenches has bunk beds, cupboards, water tanks and electric lights.

During WWI, U.S supported the France and Allies by supplying 1,800 Locomotives, 27,000 freight cars, 50,000 trucks, 70,000 horse and mules.

During WWI, the first water cooled machine gun is introduced and it was developed at U.S in 1884 by Hiram Maxim and most of the Machine Guns used in war were based on Maxim’s prototype.

 During WWI, the French used 75mm cannon which can reach 4 miles; it’s called the Devil Gun.

During WWI, the American women served U.S military as telephone operators and known as “Hello Girls”. They used to guide soldiers with route maps and Encoded messages which helped in winning the war.

After the WWI, the Native American who served in U.S Army was granted with citizenship in 1924.

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