Auschwitz Facts – 37 Horrifying Facts About Auschwitz

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Facts About Auschwitz

Life at the camp was hard and started with a hot drink in the morning but no breakfast, vegetable soup for lunch and bread and water for dinner. This is coupled with 12 hours labor. Evidence about the existence of the camp was given to Allied forces in 1940 but it was ignored.

The death camp and the slave camp were interrelated.

The able bodied men were straight away sent to labor camps.

About 60 million Reichmarks, equivalent to £125m today, was created for the Third Reich by slave labor at Auschwitz camp.

The women, young children, old and infirm were sent to be gassed.

Some prisoners were selected for medical experiments by the Camp Doctor Josef Mengele

The megalomaniac Josef conducted experiments involving twins and later autopsies were carried out to perfect a method to lead to the rapid expansion of the Aryan race.

Brutal testing methods were employed which included enormous doses of radiation, uterine injections, and other barbaric procedures.

The Auschwitz camp was run by a staff of 7000 personals and of these only 750 were prosecuted according to the laws of the land.

Stanislawa Leszczynska, a Polish midwife helped deliver more than 3000 babies in the concentration camp.