Did You Know Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The smell of fresh-cut grass is actually the smell of each blade of grass trying to heal itself from the traumatic injury you caused when you cut it in half.

There is “rain room” in London that makes rain fall everywhere in the room except the spot your standing.

Goat kids begin taking their first steps within minutes of being born.

The reflex that causes people to sneeze when looking at the sun id called ACHOO, Autosomal-dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic outburst Syndrome.

Black teens who were taught to be proud of their race perform better in school, study shows.

Taurine , a common ingredient in energy drinks, was first isolated for the bile of an ox, but now synthesized in labs.

In 2006, scientists found the oldest living creature on the planet: a 507 year old clam. But they killed it while opening it up to determine its age.

Neverwet is a superhrdrophobic spray that coats many different surfaces creates a liquid repellent coating that keeps them clean, dry and free of bacteria.Water catfish can travel across roads to other waterways; although they can only stay out of water for as long as they stay moist.

Even if you don’t have internet on your cell you can text Google (466453) and it will text you answers back immediately.

Five years into their ten-year plan, editors of the Oxford English Dictionary had only reached the word ‘ant’.