Iceland Facts – 50 Interesting Facts About Iceland

Facts About Iceland

Icelanders use their first names to formally address other people, even prime ministers.

If a parent in Iceland wants to give their child a name that has not been previously used in Iceland, it has to be approved by the Icelandic Naming Committee.

Iceland is not a very cold country, it has mild climate and is very green.

Jon and Anna are the most common names used in Iceland.

Puffin is one of the most popular bird in Iceland.

Rabbits were first imported to Iceland in 1976 from Spain.

Skyr, a diary product is one of the most popular foods in Iceland.

Apollo astronauts were trained in Iceland because they felt that the terrain would resemble the surface of the moon.

In Iceland, there was no television at all on Thursday until 1987.

Iceland used Facebook to rewrite its constitution, as 2/3 of its population is on it.