John F Kennedy Facts – 48 Facts About John F Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy Facts

Along with JFK, Texas Governor John Connally Jr. received multiple gunshot wounds.

He was the fourth President to be assassinated in the nation’s history of 200 years

His funeral was attended by 250,000 people and dignitaries from more than 100 countries

Jackie requested for an eternal flame too be put by the grave. Later Jackie remarried but today she is buried right besides her husband.

Lyndon B. Johnson took oath of office aboard Air Force One, 99 minutes after Kennedy’s death

Johnson was administered the oath of office by Judge Sarah Hughes who wept in the process

Jackie did not remove her pink Chanel suit which was stained with John’s blood. The suit still lies in the National Archives.

The Texas School Book Depository’s sixth floor from where the fatal shot was fired by Oswald has become a museum dedicated to JFK’s assassination.

Oswald had used a 6.5 mm Italian carbine rifle to shoot the president and he bought it for $19.95.

Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby on November 24 and he was taken to the same hospital as Kennedy.