Lion Facts: 80 Interesting Facts About Lions

Fun Facts About Lions

The white lions are just genetic disorder called as leucism. It means cells are not able to make pigmentation.

On a single day a lion can travel up to 12 miles.

The length of the lion’s claw is 3 inches long, that is equivalent to the length of a human finger.

The currency of the Bulgarians is Leva and Leva means Lion in ancient Bulgarian.

During the Ancient Roman period, the capital punishment was ordered by “damnation to the beasts”. Which means the execution of criminals was justified by wild beasts, for instance lions.

When a painting is portrayed of a lion is at peace with other animals indicate a golden era or a paradise period.

Most of the female lions live the whole life in a single pride where they are born in.

90% of the wild lions in Botswana are infected with FIV which is similar to human HIV.

Every year around the globe more than 600 hundred lions are being killed by tourist hunters in Trophy hunting, in which 60% of dead lions are being exported to the U.S.A.

The east African Framers used faradon poison to kill the pride of lions that were used to kill the working farmers.