Martin Luther King Jr Facts – 80 Facts About Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr. Interesting Facts

The line “I have a dream” was added by Martin Luther King Jr. during his speech.

James Earl Ray, a career criminal, pleaded guilty and was convicted of murder, but he soon recanted, claiming that he was duped into his plea.

Martin Luther King Jr. not only fought for civil rights, but also against poverty and urban inequality.

Martin Luther King Jr. won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for “Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam.”

Martin Luther King Jr. is called as Mike by his loved ones.

He also won Congressional Gold Medal and a Medal of Freedom awards.

King’s house was bombed once during the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

King narrowly escaped death when he was stabbed in chest with a letter opener by Izola Curry, a mentally ill black woman who believed that he was conspiring against her with communists.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is at Washington D.C.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site or King Center is in Atlanta, Georgia.