North Korea Facts – 46 Interesting Facts About North Korea

North Korea Fun Facts

The country has conducted five nuclear explosions since 2006.

According to UN a famine in 1990’s killed more than 2 million people.

Kijong-dong (Peace Village) was built after the Korean War but is a deserted catty with hardly any population except a few caretakers. It was built to lure South Koreans to North but none came.

North Korea created its very own Godzilla and named it Pulgasari.

Joseph Dresnok, an American crossed over to North Korea along with three other US soldiers. Only he stayed back in North Korea.

All state buildings are painted in gray from outside.

Loudspeakers have been installed on roads and churn out propaganda at different intervals.

Any tourist will have his cell phone confiscated and it will be returned when he leaves the country..

Every tourist will have a minder who will check any undesirable activities.

The students are required to pay for the tables, chairs and heating fuel.