Tsunami Facts – 45 Engrossing Facts About Tsunami

Tsunami Facts for Kids

Flooding caused by tsunamis in the mainland can be over thousands of feet.

Tsunami wave doesn’t break and curls like a normal wave.

Animals can predict tsunami hours before it strikes, and have been seen heading towards higher ground away from coastline.

Tsunami ruins the landscapes, the water destroys the building and the salt destroys the crops and farming.

Not all types of earthquakes cause tsunami. There are 2 types of earthquakes, first is when the two tectonic plates either split up or slide against each other, the second one is when lighter tectonic plate is forced above the heavier one. The second one leads to tsunami.

Thucydides first proposed the idea that tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquakes in his book “History of the Peloponnesian War.”

Palm trees are the most tsunami safe trees. Their long trunks can survive tsunamis intact.

Tsunamis were referred as tidal waves, but it is wrong because they have nothing to do with tides.

Japan is the most tsunami prone country in the world.

Europe has experienced only two tsunamis till date. One had struck Crete and surrounding Mediterranean coasts in 1530 BC and the other was Lisbon, Portugal in 1755 CE.