World War 1 Facts – Unknown Facts about World War 1

Facts about World War 1

After the WWI, Germany’s population of men was so drastically declined that only one woman can find a husband out of every 3 women.

Without having U.S citizenship, 13,000 Native Americans soldiers battled for America in WWI.

After the End of WWI, four empires Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, Germany and Russia have been destroyed and fallen.

After the WWI, the European countries Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are considered as Independent Nations.

During WWI, the German Nazi Dictator, Adolf Hitler’s life was spared by a British Soldier.

An 8 year old child served during WWI, and is the youngest soldier in the war.

In 2010, Germany made its Final Atonement Payment from the WWI Treaty Versailles.

In WWI, the British soldiers use to consume six Pints of Tea ration per day.

During WWI, dogs were used as Messengers to carry orders and danger alerts to the Front line battalion soldiers.

During WWI, to show the Patriotism of Americans they tried to changed the name of the Hamburger’s into Liberty Sandwiches.

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