Brain facts – 135 Interesting Facts About the Brain

Facts About the Brain for Kids

Once we awoke from a dream, we have five minutes to remember 50% of dream and ten minutes to remember only 10% of the dream.

100 billion neurons and trillion glial cells make the human brain.

Eyeballs are the direct physical extension of brain.

The largest part of the brain accounting 85% of the brain’s weight is cerebrum.

Electromagnetic waves from cell phones have non-ionizing radiation that causes brain cancer.

Blind people do dream. But whether they have visual images depends on if they were born blind or lost their sight later in life.

If brain cells were replaced with skin or liver cells then human brain would completely lose its memory.

In a lifetime the brain may preserve one quadrillion different bits of information

Human brain reaches maturity at the age of 25.

The human brain consists of 100,000 miles of blood vessels.