Brain facts – 135 Interesting Facts About the Brain

Interesting Facts About the Brain

Music is the only activity that can activate, stimulate and use the entire brain.

Laughing requires activity from 5 different parts of the brain.

Your brain heats up when you are stresses, smiling can cool it down.

If there is no oxygen supply to brain for 5-10 minutes then it can cause permanent damage to it.

Brain has taste receptors along with stomach, lungs, anus, pancreas and testicles.

During pregnancy smoking, drinking, exposure to chemical and heat can affect the developing brain cells of the baby.

Chocolate smell soothes the body because it relaxes the brain by triggering theta brain waves.

Within 6 minutes brain cells can react to alcohol.

Whenever a memory is created, a new connection in brain is developed.

20% of the total oxygen inhaled is used by brain.