Chocolate Facts – 50 Interesting Facts About Chocolates

chocolate facts

Chocolate facts – 50 Interesting facts about chocolates. Chocolates is a sweet that makes everyone drooling. Men, women and children of all age love chocolate. There must be a reason why it is so famous over all age groups, and that is because it tastes amazing…. Let’s explore more interesting facts about chocolates.

Chocolate Facts

During WW2, nutella was invented by an Italian pastry maker to extend the supply of cocoa by mixing hazelnuts with chocolate.

Chocolate smell increases theta brain waves that trigger relaxation.

40% of the world’s cocoa supply comes from Cote d’Ivoire.

The first cocoa trees were found in the Amazon River basin and Colombian and Venezuelan Andes.

Depressed people eat about 55% more chocolate than non depressed people.

Switzerland people eat the most chocolate in the world, followed by Australia and Ireland.

Dark chocolate boosts memory, reaction time, problem solving skills and attention span by increasing blood flow to brain.

It is found that when men crave food they desire for fat and salt, while women desire for chocolates.

The biggest chocolate seller in the world is Brussels Airport, they sell more than 800 tons of chocolate every year.

Hershey’s is the largest and the oldest chocolate company in U.S.